Instructions and support

Kokeilun paikka on palvelu, jossa me kaikki voimme ideoida ja kehittää yhteisiä kokeiluja sekä hakea niille rahoitusta. Kokeilun paikassa edetään ideasta / haasteesta kokeiluehdotukseen, mahdolliseen rahoitukseen ja toteutukseen asti.


Instructions and support

Instructions and support

On this page, you can find brief instructions on how the site works, how to submit an experiment and where to find help in case of confusion.

Registration and user profile

To start using the service, you must register a user profile. Use your own name and e-mail address.

Complete your user profile with other pieces of information. This information will be visible to all users. Add a photo and tell us about yourself: Who you are, what inspires you, what kinds of skills you have. And what would you like to learn? Add keywords so that other users interested in the same things can find you and your experiment.

As a registered user, you can like and comment on other users’ experiments.


It is recommended to add a photo both to your profile and to your experiment.
– The maximum size of your profile picture is 2048 kB.
– Please make sure that you have the due copyrights to the photos/videos you add.
– Please note that the Place to Experiment may use your photos in its communications related to your experiment.

How to submit

You can submit a challenge, idea or proposal. Answer the questions and proceed with your submission. Start the submission of an experiment here. Give your experiment a good, brief name. Also give your own name and organisation. After this, you can describe your experiment in more detail. In the ‘Brief description’ field, describe the challenge you would like to resolve or the idea or proposal you would like to implement. Add relevant keywords, links and location. This helps potential partners and financiers find you and your experiment. Read the following descriptions to find out whether your submission is a challenge, idea or experiment proposal. Then you can proceed with the next steps as you wish.


In the Place to Experiment, “challenge” refers to a problem that has not been resolved yet. It can be a social issue or a minor detail in everyday life that should be done differently. Submit the challenge and let our community ponder it. A challenge can evolve into an experiment. Anyone can create an experiment based on a challenge.


In the Place to Experiment, “idea” is a tentative solution to a challenge. An idea is a preliminary stage preceding an experiment, a general description of a potential way to resolve a challenge.


In an experiment proposal, the idea is refined into a concrete experiment. Answer the questions briefly but in such a manner that anyone can easily see what your experiment is about. If you already have well-defined experiment plans, you can start with this step and skip the challenge and idea stages.


In the Place to Experiment, you can seek crowdfunding and support from other financiers.


Tell us about the implementation and progress of your experiment. When the experiment ends, proceed to the Lessons learned stage.


This is the final stage of an experiment’s life cycle. The goals of an experiment are not always achieved, but something is nevertheless learned, and it is valuable to share this. Describe the implementation and results of the experiment: Which of its goals were achieved? What were the biggest lessons learned? Could the experiment be repeated or expanded? Write a clear description that can be easily understood even by such readers who were not familiar with the experiment in advance.

Discussion board

The Place to Experiment has a discussion board, where all users can share ideas, ask questions and inspire and support each other. For the time being, the interface of the discussion board is in Finnish only, but you can post in English as well. You can comment on experiments and ask further questions about them. The discussion board fosters an inspiring, encouraging atmosphere. Contribute to other users’ ideas in a positive, constructive manner.

To participate in the discussion, you must be logged into the Place to Experiment site and also onto the discussion board. No separate user ID is needed for the discussion board. To log onto the discussion board, click the blue, leaf-shaped icon with the letter K on the front page. Then click the blue kirjaudu (login) button in the top right-hand corner. If you want to address your discussion board entry to a certain user, add the @ sign in front of the user’s name. In this case, the system will send the user an e-mail notification.

Support request

In case you encounter a problem with your submission, you can submit a Support request using the button at the foot of the page. Describe your problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use support requests as a communication channel in any other matters.

All support requests are collected into a question and answer bank for the Place to Experiment.
See other users’ questions.

Applying for funding in the Place to Experiment

The Place to Experiment project includes themed funding application rounds: circular economy (2017), artificial intelligence (spring 2018) and employment (autumn 2018). Through the Place to Experiment, you can also seek crowdfunding, search for cooperation partners and find alternative financing channels.  Instructions: Applying for funding in the Place to Experiment.

Do you need support with formulating your experiment?

The Experimental Finland site contains a collection of useful material. In addition to the tool kit offered on the site, you can also find reading tips for further information.

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