Artificial intelligence challenge

Kokeilun paikka on palvelu, jossa me kaikki voimme ideoida ja kehittää yhteisiä kokeiluja sekä hakea niille rahoitusta. Kokeilun paikassa edetään ideasta / haasteesta kokeiluehdotukseen, mahdolliseen rahoitukseen ja toteutukseen asti.


Artificial intelligence challenge


Finland is looking to strengthen its position as a pioneer of artificial intelligence. Embracing artificial intelligence is a shared path of learning, and what could be a better way to learn than by doing things and experimenting in our day-to-day activities? The Prime Minister’s Office’s Experimental Finland key project and Motiva Ltd are now looking for small experiments in which artificial intelligence is used to overcome challenges related to well-being.

Challenges in well-being that could be overcome by the means of artificial intelligence were searched for in the first phase of the experiment challenge. The challenge search ended on 2 May and, based on the proposed challenges, the following themes were formulated in the experiment challenge:


Managing your day-to-day routine

How can appropriate services to meet specific needs be found? How to introduce those who need help to those who provide help? Can artificial intelligence be used to prioritise our activities so that we have more time to spend on actually significant matters?


Increased commonality

How can people interested in the same subjects find each other? Can increased commonality help reduce social exclusion? How can artificial intelligence reduce loneliness and encourage participation?


Environment and us

How can the environment’s support for our well-being be improved? How can the environmental impact of our daily activities be demonstrated with artificial intelligence? How can we make more environmentally sustainable decisions that correspond to our values?


Now, in the second phase of the experiment challenge, we are looking for concrete experiments that can tackle the challenges mentioned above by using artificial intelligence. In particular, we want to invest in experiments that can provide learning experiences, create new solutions and operating models and expand the range of parties involved with artificial intelligence.



Small experiments that can be performed with EUR 500–5,000 are included in the scope of the challenge.

By definition, experimentation is a method of gaining information about the usefulness and impact of measures and changes before they are implemented more widely (Design for Government 2015). Ideas are tested in practice in experiments.

Experiments aim to have a larger impact than what they are. On the other hand, experiments are also characteristically uncertain: even though an experimentation might fail in a practical environment, lessons can still be learned. Limited risk-taking is appropriate.


Embracing artificial intelligence requires bold new introductions which combine the expertise of a range of different operators.

Anyone can participate in the experiment challenge. Companies, public sector operators, associations and private individuals can submit their experimentation suggestions.


The experiment challenge is open from 9 May to 3 June 2018.

Challenge info session I: 15 May 2018 (What is an artificial intelligence challenge?)Facebook live in Finnish.

The jury and the experimentation agreement model are published on this page on 25 May 2018.

Challenge info session II: 30 May 2018 (How to submit a good application) Facebook live in Finnish.
Experiment evaluation 4–15 June 2018.
Experiment selection decisions 15 June 2018

The selected experimenters start 19 June 2018

The experiments will be carried out by 30 October 2018.


Please register at the top of this page to submit an experiment. After this, click the Start experiment button below.

You must complete the details of all phases of the experiment in order to submit the experiment. You can begin with the “Experiment suggestion” section, but if you have already participated in the challenge search, you can also advance the idea you submitted in this phase towards experimentation. Processing the idea into an experiment is performed by answering the questions presented, so easy! Further instructions for different phases of the experiment can be found here.

Link to good application examples (coming)


The experiments are evaluated based on the following criteria. A maximum of 5 points can be achieved from each of the three main aspects, making the total maximum number of points 15 points.

A) Novelty and innovation
How new and special is the experiment’s idea?
Does the experiment apply an existing solution in a novel manner or is it new to the area in question?
Does the experiment introduce new solutions to overcome a significant challenge in society?

B) Artificial intelligence utilisation effectiveness
Does the experiment expand the range of parties involved with and utilising artificial intelligence?
What is the significance of the experimented solution in the big picture of utilising artificial intelligence? Can the results of the experiment be applied more widely?
Does the experiment promote the availability of open data?

C) Feasibility
Does the solution include parties that are essential to its implementation?
What resources (for example, competence, networks, financing, data, licences etc.) does the experiment have at its disposal?
Are the experiment suggestions and the related expenses detailed clearly and realistically?


The results of and lessons learned from the experiments are reported openly at Do not carry out an experiment that reveals your business secrets.


Procurement agreements are signed within two weeks after the selected experiments have been announced. The compensation is paid in a single instalment after the agreement has been entered into.

The procurements in question are research and development services mentioned in paragraph 13, subsection 1, section 9 of the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts (1397/2016). By signing the written agreement, the agreement regarding the experiment enters into force. We use a jury consisting of artificial intelligence and experimentation experts to evaluate the submitted suggestions. We reserve the right to decline procuring experiments if no suggestions meeting our criteria are submitted. A total of EUR 150,000 has been allocated to the procurement of experiments.


If you feel lost, please head to the Discuss and ask about artificial intelligence forum for help. We are also glad to answer any questions sent to us at

Providing solutions by experimenting! We are now looking for AI-based experiments with the themes day-to-day routine management, increased communality, the environment and us. EUR 500–5,000 has been allocated to perform each experiment. Submit your suggestion by 3 June!

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