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Kokeilu on luotu 19.03.2018

Vishal Singh, Aalto University

InBookModE Kira-Digi project

BIM includes information-rich 3D representation and visualization of the physical world in the virtual world. Therefore, BIM models and tools themselves can become a good source of interactive learning about architecture, engineering, construction, and facilities management (AEC-FM). This pilot will create and test a web-based BIM-construction learning platform that allows users to learn about building design, construction, etc using annotated and commented BIM models as the learning material. The learning platform combines complementary technologies such as interactive ebooks, and BIM. Using InBookModE, users can author books, reports and case studies that are integrated with BIM models. Thus, readers can navigate and explore models and the book content at the same time, facilitating case based learning.  A working prototype of InBookModE has been implemented, and first sample book/ case report using the prototype InBookModE platform has been tried as a preliminary test. InBookModE is yet to be tested with students and industry practitioners to assess usability and usefulness of the interactive platform as a learning source. However, functioning and preliminary interaction with the prototype has been tested within the research team. Areas of improvement have been identified, which are now being carried out. Even though the Kira-digi funding is over, the project will be taken forward, and the first set of full-scale pilot studies with students will be conducted in the summer 2018.