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Kokeilu on luotu 04.03.2019

Huck Middeke & Sydänlanka

Nomad Town Joensuu

High sustainability, attracrive, urban, mobile off-grid living experiment for 18 inhabitants on 3000m2

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Understanding climate change as a symptom, we want to focus our efforts on the cause.

We want to build the world's first #NomadTown inside Joensuu.

Instead of continuing the attempt of making our current lifestyle only "more sustainable", we want to start almost from scratch, as high on the sustainability scale as possible and based on proven concepts.

The "NomadTown"-concept picks us up where we are: in the cities. 

The aim of a NomadTown is to cover our six survival priorities on a sustainable basis:





-Health/ wellbeing

-Community/ connection

We design the NomadTown to be compact, sufficient, no impact, resilient and mobile.

The aimed size of the NoMadTownJoensuu is for up to 18 permanent inhabitants. 

During the first two years the NoMadTownJoensuu will be located within 5km from the city centre to be most beneficial for local educational institutions, businesses and private people.

The location also facilitates implementation of low impact solutions.

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