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Kokeilu on luotu 25.06.2021

ResilienceHub Joensuu

The NomadTown is a small ResilienceHub at the edge of town. We explore and share scalable solutions of high level sustainability and deep nature connection for communities in subarctic environments. The NomadTown is offgrid. DIY, low-tech and social technologies play a big role.

Miksi tämä kokeilu on tarpeellinen?

Because we need to explore the possibilities of lifestyles which can safely be copied. As naked born members of the global community of life in all its diversity we also need to live within the borders of the possible. "What is enough?" and "What can we want?" are questions which are explored in ResilienceHubs.

Miten kokeilu toteutetaan?

The NomadTown has been in continuous and vastly self funded use since august 2019. It is set to continue and grow by living participation. Cooperation with local educational institutions as well as organisations, businesses and private people is important for the life of our experiment.

Kuka tai ketkä kokeilun toteuttavat?

Permanent and temporary residents of the NomadTown as well as visitors and other users of the space.

Mikä on kokeilun kokonaisbudjetti ja miten se jakautuu maksajatahoittain?

The NomadTown is self funded by its inhabitants. Since we are exploring high level sustainability, we view the need for money very critically.

Millaista osaamista ja rahoitusta kokeilulla on käytettävissään?

Contributors and participants have diverse backgrounds and competences relevant for resilient living solutions. We work volunteer and in our freetime. Funding is warmly welcome.