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Kokeilu on luotu 04.03.2019

Huck Middeke & Sydanlanka


Off-grid urban living experiment, starting as high on the sustainability scale as possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m92uRqwlG9Q&list=PLcHsiTYQveLy1lnh1M3yoHwhHvterRmro

Miksi tämä kokeilu on tarpeellinen?

Most of us are not aware that we fulfil all criteria for being in a "type 2" survival situation. Our offspring cannot safely copy our lifestyle. Most of us do not understand climate change as a symptom. Trying to make our current lifestyles "more sustainable" is not enough. An experimental community for "average people", living as close to 100% sustainability as possible.

Miten kokeilu toteutetaan?

The NomadTown starts (almost) from scratch. Instead of trying to make our existing lifestyles only "more sustainable", the NomadTown attempts a new beginning as high on the sustainability scale as possible, making use of easy to copy and proven concepts (permaculture, minimalism, nature connection mentoring, sharing, community living). The NomadTown is a urban, compact and resilient off-grid living experiment for up to 18 "average" people on an area of roughy 3000m2. This video explains the main idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m92uRqwlG9Q Being situated 3-5km from the Joensuu city centre, participation and experimentation in the NomadTown is easy. The project provides space and opportunity for educational institutions, local businesses and citizens to experiment with ideas and to try out if a sustainable lifestyle is feasible for them, without having to fully commit or without having to move away from their hometown. Inhabitants of the NomadTown will facilitate the implementation (partly through talkoot) of existing solutions such as sharing networks, permaculture, minimalism, nature connection mentoring principles, ... We are currently a group of 15 people from four different organisations planning and designing the NomadTown. As soon as we find a suitable location within 3-5km from the Joensuu city centre, the first inhabitants are ready to move there. In a first phase we will build shared (mobile) infrastructure. This includes a tiny house on wheels containing sauna, laundry, guest room, common space, solar/ wind electricity, cold&warm storage and next to this a group kitchen, greenhouse and compost/biogas system. With the provided shared infrastructure, individual shelters for inhabitants can be very cheap and simple, thus making participation more attractive. NomadTowns will ideally be established in many locations in the future, learning from the #NoMadTownJoensuu pilot project. NomadTowns aid us in extending our edges and comfort zones. Being situated in an urban setting, NomadTowns pick us up where we are and allow us to easily extend our comfort zone, facilitating a smooth transition towards true sustainability. Since the NomadTown is designed with mobility in mind, the whole town can move towards the country side whenever needed or desired. History shows that a semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle was the most common lifestyle lived the world over. Moving to the resources is more efficient and thus more sustainable than being stationary. Living in the NomadTown allows to experiment with a modern version of a semi-nomadic lifestyle. In practice some of the future inhabitants intend to travel as a group during the summer-month, offering talkoot and through this collecting and sharing questions, problems, solutions and ideas. In the beginning we are mapping resources and secure a suitable land (60m diameter, 3-5km from city centre) The first inhabitants of the NomadTown are already ready to "move in", bringing with them an insulated, heated shelter of 24m2. In cooperation with other members, and a local vocational school, the shareable infrastructure will be builld during spring and summer. This will be a "tiny house"-wagon, containing: -Sauna & laundry -Working space and guest room -cold and warm storage (tools and group-living equipment like shelters, fishing gear, ...) -group kitchen facilities -green house During the construction process of the central infrastructure individual shelters for inhabitants (tiny houses, micro houses, yurts, ...) will be build in cooperation with local schools, companies and future inhabitants. Cultural events, talkoot and weekly workshops for local schools help to integrate the inhabitants of Joensuu and provide possibilities to benefit from our lessons. By winter 2019/2020 at least six inhabitants are expected to live full-time in the NomadTown. Being designed as a permanent living solution, there is no end-date for the experiment.

Kuka tai ketkä kokeilun toteuttavat?

The NomadTownJoensuu is meant for up to 18 inhabitants/six households. Currently 16 members of different associations are involved in the planning and design process. The NomadTown is meant for easy participation for educational institutions, businesses and citizens of Joensuu (and beyond). Karsikkon asukasyhdistys, Sydänlanka ry, Ekoimpulssi, NordicByNature

Mikä on kokeilun kokonaisbudjetti ja miten se jakautuu maksajatahoittain?

Any financial help is highly appreciated. Here a budget of 33.000€ in detail: Rent for a suitable land 12 month (1.4.2019-1.4.2020): approx 12000€ Construction materials for shareable infrastructure whenever not possible to use recycled. Construction period 1.4.2019- 1.10.2019: 8000€ Work of one person eight month (1.4.-1.10.2019): 8x 1000€ = 8000€ Expenses for travels to relevant conferences / seminars (eg. Global Ecovillage Network conference in Italy, July 2019): 4000€ Materials/supplies for meetings& events& trainings: 1000€

Millaista osaamista ja rahoitusta kokeilulla on käytettävissään?

Different team members have long-term experience in sustainability- and alternative living approaches. This includes the design of permacultures, construction of alternative living spaces and effective solutions for community living. There is also a strong background in improvisation, experimentation and education as well as nature connection mentoring.