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Marko Suvila

Reducing Loneliness With Open Event Data

Social loneliness caused by the lack of a social network can be reduced by making use of information about events happening around us. An internet based service is needed to help lonely people with matching interests to meet each other.

Miksi tämä kokeilu on tarpeellinen?

Event information is not available anywhere centrally. It’s difficult to find information on events which could help to discover like-minded people. Due to this, meeting someone interested in similar topics is left too much to chance.

Miten kokeilu toteutetaan?

Centrally managed open event data improves the probability of people with similar interests to find each other. This national internet service will provide event data (what-where-when) in a mutually agreed data model for other services to make use of via public APIs under an open license. Open event data makes it possible to develop further services using the data, i.e. a service with which users can subscribe to notifications on upcoming events based on their own criteria.

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This service will make information about social events freely available for people seeking social activities as well as internet service integrators to syndicate the information on different websites or other internet services.

Current situation: A person seeking social contact has to use multiple channels to try & find people with matching interests or publish their event for others.

The future: Event data is written once and distributed across multiple channels via service integrations.

Shortcomings of current social media services

Current social media services are not an optimal solution for this issue due to the following:

  • A user has to be a member of a social media service (Facebook Group, Friends, Followers, …) to be able to see the information in the network and/or be able to distribute information to other users.
  • The information (data) is not structured and therefore not easy to process automatically by computers
  • There is no keyword/tag feature to help with searching.
  • There is no categorization for posts.
  • Filtering features are missing.
  • Access to information via programmatic interfaces (APIs) is restricted due to user agreements. Use of information is restricted for commercial purposes, for example.
  • Open structured data would make different user interfaces possible

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