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Katana Concierge

Making Airbnb Accessible to people with disabilities

We are working on a solution that helps hosts provide better services to their guests and also provide accessibility assistance with people with disabilities

Miksi tämä kokeilu on tarpeellinen?

We want to allow people with disabilities to benefit from the Airbnb experience. Concierge opens dorss automatically, can provide voice assistance and also do Sign language for the deaf The goal of the experiment is to provide people with disabilities the same benefits as the general public

Miten kokeilu toteutetaan?

A virtual reception device that acts as a smart lock, a video doorbell and a virtual assistant will simplify access to people with disabilities even without the presence of the host. The host can provide them assistance remotely We test it with accessibility ready Airbnb hosts but also other elderly homes and disability centers We will need at least 4 months to complete the solution and start testing it.

Kuka tai ketkä kokeilun toteuttavat?

Students of social studies and people who are engaged in helping people with disabilities

Mikä on kokeilun budjetti?

30000 Euro to build a prototype with the required basic software and start testing

Millaista osaamista ja rahoitusta kokeilulla on käytettävissään?

Software development, Legal and business management, IoT and automation, Social work

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