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Victor Pavlov

Refilling stations for hand soap in local supermarkets

We always buy hand soap in small plastic bottles. I have reasons to believe that this is a stupid idea. Firstly, it is one from sustainability point of view: we create more waste, use more resources and emit more CO2. Secondly, we spend our money wrong: instead of getting needed soap we buy plastics

Miksi tämä kokeilu on tarpeellinen?

We use more plastic bottles than we need. Per year it is 10 unnecessarily thrown away bottles. When we go to the shop, we need soap. Currently, together with it we get onboard also plastic waste. Study how many people support this idea

Miten kokeilu toteutetaan?

Three components: 1. At home: a long-lasting small bottle of glass or plastic (your preference) 2. In your car: middle size tank (3 liter size) 3. At shop: refilling station with large tank, where you refill your 3 liter tank, scale it, as vegetables and fruits in the shop, put a sticker on it, pay at the cashier and bring home. You use soap only in this system, without creating a waste stream of plastic bottles. Place of experiment - Prisma: invest in one pilot project to organize a refilling station. Partner of the project - local hand soap producer. Any time soon, once it is supported

Kuka tai ketkä kokeilun toteuttavat?

Prisma customers

Mikä on kokeilun kokonaisbudjetti ja miten se jakautuu maksajatahoittain?

Marketing; pilot facility (refilling station)

Millaista osaamista ja rahoitusta kokeilulla on käytettävissään?

At the pilot stage, not so many team members are needed. I will involve one of my PhD friends whose major is in Business Models. Once scaling-up, more HR will be attracted