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Reviving Art

It is hard to make a living as an emerging fine artist! So we are developing a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that allows visual artists to create their campaigns in order to exhibit their art in public spaces away from traditional galleries and thier complicated rules and unfair requirements.

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It is really hard for emerging fine artists to make a living out of their art. instead, they end up having other jobs that get them away from their passion and talent. beyOND is the first rewards-based crowdfunding platform for artists in order to exhibit their art in public spaces.The fact that emerging fine artists can not make a sustainable living out of their art is making them give up what they love to do. That means we will have less artists, which leads to less creativity.

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The concept that we want to test is based upon the fact that emerging fine artists are really unappreciated and underrated due the unfair situation of the art industry! We want to build a reward-based crowdfunding platform "specifically for fine artists" where they can create their crowdfunding campaigns in order to draw, paint, get their voices heard, get their messages across and eventually exhibit their art in a public venue such as cafes, libraries and so on (not in galleries or museums because we believe that art should be closer to our daily life). In other words, the goal of each crowdfunding campaign is to stage respective artwork in a public venue such as cafes, libraries and so on. Hence, that would allow artists to not only make a sustainable living out of each campaign they create through offering the backers rewards related to the cause of the campaign, but also to gain a great recognition in the local community through staging an exhibition in a public local venue where art serves its purpose by being close to people.

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